Ever have one of those days where something hits you right out of left field? That just about sums up my entire life lately.

Although I have been practicing seeing the good things and building them up to block out the negative, some days I wonder how well my practice is helping.

I have been battling a workers comp insurance company for YEARS in an attempt to get the treatment that the law entitles me to.

Anyone who has experienced workers comp knows what I mean.

Because of people who faked injuries or stretched the truth, people who truly do have pain have to fight to get what they deserve.

After nearly a year of fighting, I finally got an MRI done. It was not the MRI I should have gotten, the area scanned was one of the problems I have.

Yesterday I picked up the results of the test, not really expecting to see much from it. As I waited in the doctor's office to see a new doctor for an unrelated issue, I decided to amuse myself by reading the report.

I was stunned at the findings.

Stunned and annoyed. I have so much going on in my life right now and I don't have time to stop everything and deal with another medical crisis.

Truth is that I kind of knew I might have something going on but I chose to ignore it. I hoped that time would take care of this particular issue but it seems that I cannot ignore it any longer.

So now I have multiple appointments for more tests, more doctor appointments and meanwhile I still have to fight to fix the problem that sent me for the MRI in the first place.

Does it EVER end????

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