Blessings and Obstacles

I've got plenty to bitch about and plenty to be grateful about. Some days it takes a lot of focus to not let the obstacles blind me from what is good in my life.

Take a few minutes to scout out your favorite social media site and very quickly things can be put into perspective.

Some people share every detail of their lives (whether you care or not) and often their pain comes across as whining.

Whining is unattractive and pity (in my opinion) is a reaction that I don't wish anyone to have for me.

I am strong, intelligent and although faced with too many things that are out of my control, I am stubborn enough to still believe there is a way around all these obstacles.

I have my own coping techniques and to some they may seem unconventional but so far they keep me waking up to face another day.

The truth is that we all have our obstacles to overcome. Some are big, some are smaller but the common theme is that to the person who is experiencing them they are important.

Sometimes it really does help to stop in your tracks and think these obstacles through. Are you giving them more power than they deserve?

Looking back (even though people say to NOT look back) didn't you get through worse? Maybe life doesn't always turn out the way you planned but it isn't that awful is it???

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