Pokey Update

Pokey had surgery yesterday and it turned out that he needed more extensive surgery than we previously thought.

Unbelievable how this cat never complained and in fact was running around like a kitten with Ava a few hours before Emmi found him lying in the litter box.

He is a tough guy.

The vet is working with us on the costs but they are still astronomical for us. My attempts to raise funds to help with the costs are not going as well as I had hoped. I thought certainly that with so many FB "friends" several would feel compassion and send a few dollars. Honestly if someone sent me $5 it would help...things are THAT bad.

I must be thankful for a few friends who sent funds generously and also friends who took the time to share Pokey's story. They did what they could do to help us and that means so much to me. I do have some special friends out there and I can count on them for support.

I can hardly wait to see Pokey. The dirty bastard (my pet term for him) is sorely missed around here. I am hoping that he stays well and out of trouble for a long time.

The search is still on for a second job and my determination will win out soon. I am also looking into the idea of pet insurance to prevent this dilemma in the future. Vets just do not seem to understand that not everyone has a surplus of funds on hand when their pet gets ill. I cannot just let Pokey die because I don't have credit or a savings account. He is our family.

Last summer Pokey disappeared for 3 days. I don't know where he was - he never said but it was not good to not have him here. We don't worry about that anymore since Pokey is now indoor exclusive.

When we adopted Pokey, my youngest was only about 8 years old. I fully expected Pokey would be around well into her 20's. Emmi is just 16 so Pokey has many more years left.

Again I am thankful to those who have offered advice, support and funds. Thank you from Pokey and his humans!!!

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