Venting and Moving On

I get it.

No one knows how strong they can be until they are faced with multiple struggles.

I am strong but what other choice do I have?

Sure I can break down but it isn't going to solve a thing.

Giving up is not an option.

I have thought about what giving up really means. I decided that it is not for me. It is not a solution.

I know why some people do give up. The struggle and the stress is a slow death. The hopelessness can suck any life out of you. The feelings of worthlessness and despair can kill you like a cancer.

Somehow, some way, inside me still shines a light. A light that believes I am going to have so much more that is better.

I hang on to that and although I cannot see how it is going to happen; I believe that it will.

So the universe wants to throw more shit at me. Go ahead.

I'm getting good a ducking.

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