Taking Baby Steps but Feeling Ready to RUN!

Maybe it is all finally beginning to come together even though it still feels like I am sinking.

Maybe all I need is to spew out the negativity that threatens to consume me and once it is out I can see clearer.

Success doesn't come overnight and often it feels like you've been taking baby steps forever. You know, the feeling that you need to run but when you try all you do is stumble?

Keep on looking forward, don't look back. I'm not going back. Nope. I am starting to see the future even though at times it is through the fog.

It's okay though. As long as I can see a glimpse of it I can focus on moving towards it.

What do they say? Anything worth having takes sweat and perseverance?

So when the struggle feels like too much just stop a moment. Breathe. Get angry if it feels good. Cry if you need to.

Then just look ahead. What you want is out there. Focus on it.

Ignore the rear view mirror. Unless of course you want to live life in reverse!

Not me. I'm moving forward.

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