Time in a Bottle

Doesn't it seem like summer is flying by?

For me, working two jobs means I have less "free" time and that makes my off time all the more precious. Instead of getting down about having to work all these hours I have chosen to really appreciate the time I am not working.

I do what I have to do (chores,etc.) but I also take more pleasure in the simpler things.

Just chillin' with my kids or relaxing with my husband is more precious to me these days. Time goes by way too quickly.

I long sometimes to have the time to waste but I know that isn't possible right now.

It isn't always going to be this way (I tell myself) and I try not to overwhelm myself with what I have taken on.

I live one day at a time. One shift at a time. I just try not to get overwhelmed with what I need to do.

When I am free I fully wrap myself in the freedom.

This life I am living is not easy but it is what I have to do right now. It isn't forever. Just like the moment.

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