The Power of Gratitude

Your attitude can make you or break you. Something as "simple" as what you think and how you react can be very powerful.

Some of us just go through life and don't think about much. Like zombies we just go through our day, doing what we normally do without giving it any thought. Often at the end of the day we are worn out, frustrated or just plain angry at our existance.

Not to sound "new agey" but the key is what thoughts you allow to come into your mind.

When I was training my replacement for my day job last week, I found myself reassuring her that no matter what, nothing she could do on the job would be tragic. Any mistake could be fixed. The bottom line was not to sweat the small stuff and it really IS small stuff.

As I start my first full week only working one job after nearly 4 months of 70+ hours a week at 2 jobs I have to remind myself of the same advice I gave- it is all small stuff.

Everything is going to be alright.

I am so grateful today. I am only going to be working 40-something hours a week. No more commute, no more trying to fit in to a position that isn't me.

My new job is not perfect but it is a challenge. A challenge that is going to allow me to grow as a person and learn.

I'm still struggling financially but I have made it this far. I cannot allow fear to cloud my mind from keeping positive thoughts.

My goal is large at this point. End the day feeling good about how I have lived it.

No matter what I do, no matter how much money I make or what I do to earn it, life is about the ride and whether you decide to scream through it or enjoy every moment.

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