Arnold May Be a Pig But He Had Help

The media is naming names and more details are coming to light about the relationship between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the "housekeeper".

Yes, we can all agree that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of "those" men who have no respect for the woman he promised to love, honor and cherish but what about the woman who had his "love" child? Was she a victim of her employer or a willing participant in the betrayal of Maria Shriver?

Let's look at the facts. Patty Baena worked as a housekeeper for the Shriver/Schwarzenegger family for more than 20 years. The son that Arnold fathered is by some reports as old as 14.

Patty told friends that they had unprotected sex often in the family home where she worked. She never spent the night there. She also admitted that she pursued Arnold. I am not suggesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is any way a victim here; there have been enough allegations made against him over the years that show his character.

Patty also was married at the time of these "indiscretions" with Arnold. She divorced her husband in 2008. Women cheat on their husbands just as men cheat on their wives. What is disturbing about this woman is that she did more than just cheat on her husband and betray her employer (Maria Shriver). She had her bosses/lover's child and continued to go to work every day. Did she really think the truth would never come out? Did she even care about the innocent children that she was helping to hurt?

What about her own child that Arnold fathered? She betrayed him as well. For what? The money she knew she would receive or had secretly been receiving? Was it her ego as well that made her "go after" a famous man?

This makes me think about a saying that we used to live by in high school. Men come and go but girlfriends are there forever.

Now Patty Baena was certainly NOT Maria Shriver's BFF but she is a woman. How can one woman purposely betray another woman the way that Patty did? She didn't hide; she totally took advantage by having sex with her employer and probably laughed behind Maria's back.

Maria Shriver is a class act. She will rise above this ultimate betrayal and move forward with her life. She will make a difference in this world in spite of the hurt and betrayal from a man who was unworthy of her and an employee that has no morals.

As far as Patty Baena, well, I hope her 15 minutes of fame were worth the trauma that her children are going to go through. Somehow I don't think she is quite concerned about that. Her actions show that.

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