Cheating Men in the Position of Power

So, the govenator cheated on his wife and fathered a child. Who is surprised by this? Maria Shriver allegedly found out about the child who was conceived ten years ago with someone who worked in her home and just retired this past January (?) moved out of the family home.

There have been rumors through the years about the womanizing of Arnold Schwarzanegger. Maria Shriver always defended her husband but like many political wives, you wonder how much she really knew.

Like John Edwards famously stated when he got caught "I have made a terrible mistake". Yeah buddy, I would say so. With all your money you failed to purchase a box of Trojans. Oh, and then you failed to be able to keep your secret because the woman outsmarted you and got pregnant. Game over.

Many men in politics cheat on their wives. Elliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey, and too many to name here. They seem to have this sense of entitlement, as if their egos are so huge that they are above moral behavior like staying faithful to their wives.

A man doesn't have to be in power to cheat on his wife. Men cheat every day. There are many reasons why.

I imagine that it has to be tougher for a wife of a public figure to deal with the public humiliation of being married to a cheater. You can be a martyr and stand by your man or you can enjoy the role of the victim and accept the pity of the masses.

You can be like the wife of Mark Sanford, former governor of South Carolina and throw the bum out. Jenny Sanford said enough when she found out her husband was not off hiking but off in Argentina with his lover. She kicked his butt to the curb. She rose above the humiliation and went on with her life with their sons. Now that's how to handle a cheater.

Of course, sometimes a man (or a woman) cheats and a marriage can be repaired. A lot depends upon whether or not this is a pattern. With a man like Arnold, John Edwards and Mark Sanford, kicking them to the curb is probably the smartest choice to make.

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