Today Show Interviews Alaina Giordano

Alaina Giordano appeared on the Today Show this morning, and just as I had told her last week, people are outraged over judge Nancy Gordon's decision to give custody of her children to her husband. This outrageous ruling demanded national attention because it is so wrong and can affect the future of child custody cases all across this country. I knew people would be outraged- who wouldn't be? click to see interview

I am so proud of Alaina who really presented herself as the strong woman that I knew she was. We are talking about a woman who has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer and although that is enough for one woman to bear, she also has to fight for her children.

What the average person is NOT thinking about is that if Alaina Giordano does not get this ruling overturned it will affect future child custody cases. You may think that you will never be in Alaina Giordano's shoes but she never saw this in her future either.

Alaina's case will be used against other people who have cancer and are going through a custody dispute. Many more parents could suffer from this judges' ignorant ruling. You may not care about this because you think it will never affect you but no one knows for sure. What if Alaina were your sister, mother, friend or co-worker? When it hits home and affects you personally, then you will want someone to help you.

It isn't too late to help Alaina Giordano get this ruling overturned. Please get involved and sign the petition. 

Alaina Giordano should not lose custody of her kids because she has breast cancer 

Click on the above link, go to the info page for a link to the petition to the governor of North Carolina. Leave a message of support for Alaina and know that you did something to help Alaina's children. If you can do more, such as offer her legal representation, Alaina can use help! It is not too late!

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