News on the Alaina Giordano Case

A fund has now been started which I can confirm is legitimate to raise money for Alaina’s legal costs and to help with her medical costs as well. You can donate here . Don’t feel badly if you cannot donate a lot, anything will help Alaina to fight this ruling.

Read more about how you can help Alaina to keep custody of her children here

What people don't understand about this case is that if we just say "oh how terrible" and move on, we are allowing the justice system to get away with a wrong decision that will help to dictate the future of child custody cases in this country. 
Friends of Alaina's have banded together to help her with this battle for her children. The support that she is getting from all over the world (yes world) is amazing but not surprising. 

These children need to be with their mom for as long as she is meant to be here. No parent knows what their life expectancy is. Just because Alaina has breast cancer she and her children should not be punished by a vindictive man and a screwed-up judge/justice system. Your voice can help to make this wrong right.

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